Easy Grill Cleaner


Easy Grill-Cleaner

...a new design that many will benefit from in years to come!

Does your grill look like this? Snavset rist
Then try using Easy Cleaner and get rid of the dirt, soot, bacteria and a bad conscience. Easy Grill Cleaner
  • Do you feel guilty when you think of the state your grill is in?
  • Are you one of those people who just scrape your grill clean, and think that heating it up will kill the bacteria? Are you one of those people who donít mind old soot on your new steak?
  • Or are you one of those who try and clean your grill in the sink where itís not going to fit. Or do you throw your grill on the lawn and leave it for tomorrow to clean? This will just leave your kitchen and clothes covered in grease. .
Easy Grill Cleaner

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